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Tog's Tunnel

Tunnels & Trolls Rocks My Socks


Welcome to my Site. It is mostly dedicated to T & T and things that I feel our community will enjoy.

Tunnels & Trolls Rocks Hard!

T & T
Dice Links

As I am not very talented when it comes to art or writing, therefore not being able to contribute to the community in that way. I have decided I would make a site where I will try to gather all things Tunnels & Trolls and things the T & T community might enjoy. I suppose you could consider it a portal for the community. I know this has probably been done, but I hope to make my site one of the best portals for fans of T & T. I hope you enjoy this site. I feel since I can't contribute material wise so much, I would do this.

All off-site links will open in another tab. As will the links posted on other pages, such as the Dice Links page and the T & T page. So you will have to close this site if you wish to leave it on clicking off-site links.

Any suggestions on the site are greatly appreciated. If you have input that might make the site better please let me know. It is my honest attempt not to step on any toes. If I feel it might be a touchy situation, I will more than likely seek permission first. If you see a link here and you don't want me linking, please tell me about it. Especially if it is your site or material, I will do away with it immediately.

Well, the RuneScape and facebook links are not really T & T related, but I do play RuneScape and use facebook so I threw them in there. I know Trollgod plays RuneScape, and I remember reading one of his rants that if you have time to waste your life on facebook, you can at least spend a few minutes checking your email. :)

If you ever notice a broken link, if you don't mind please let me know so I can fix it or get rid of it. I personally detest going to a site and it has broken links. Which a few sites that I will probably link to on here do have broken links, this I know.

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